Great Ocean Walk Resources

Great Ocean Walk Resources.

"let the great ocean walk be part of your life's library"

Information on this site has been compiled from a number of different sources in the public domain, including:

1) The  knowledge of RAW Travel’s Great Ocean walk leaders and local staff
2) Park’s Victoria’s handouts on the Great Ocean Walk & updates on the GOW track conditions
3) Visit Victoria’s Great Ocean walk website on attractions of the the Great Ocean road & Great Ocean walk day walks
4) Indigenous uses of plants: Australian National Botanic Gardens – Education Service
5) Geology information referenced from
6) Images: Belong mostly to RAW Travel, but also used are images from photographer Ewen Bell, Our Guide Dave ‘Mitch’ Mitchell, Great Ocean Eco Lodge and ‘Visions of Victoria’ image gallery on the front page of the site.

RAW Travel does not make claim to own any information referenced from these sources and all rights belong to the original owners and sources. Similarly with any images used not owned by RAW Travel the rights belong to the original owners.

Website imagery sourced from Visit Victoria and Raw Travel.

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Transport and Transfers

Great Ocean Walk (Great Ocean Road Walk) – Walkers transfers:
Speak to Lee Bryant on 0458 909 347  e:

As mobile phone service is difficult in this area please also email if you cannot reach Lee by phone then you can also contact him on the following address with your plans and dates. It is recommended that if you want a quote you email through an outline of your plans and Lee can then advise you on what works best:


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