Great Ocean Walk | Aire River to Johanna Beach

Aire River to Johanna Beach.

"the peregrine falcons, the wild bass strait, wow"

Trip Notes Aire River to Johanna Beach.

From Aire River the track heads inland for a while, climbing up and around the next headland through spinifex forests, and then continues along the coastal path with sweeping views of the rugged coastline. Expect some ups and downs with a little climbing before you get to Castle Cove. Located on a spectacular bend of the Great Ocean Road at Glenaire, Castle Cove is a beautiful beach surrounded by towering cliffs which have high archaeological significance, as dinosaur fossils have been found here.

From Castle Cove the track winds its way along the cliff tops, through heath-lands and forests, occasionally emerging to give breathtaking and extensive views along the coast. The forest here is an interesting mixture of manna gums, spring wildflowers  and magnificent expanses of grass trees. Make sure you keep an eye out above for Peregrine Falcons.

Eventually you will emerge onto the broad expanse of Johanna Beach.  This beautiful beach is one of the best in Australia with superb views and enormous crashing surf.

Walking distance: 12.4km (4-5hrs walking)

Accommodation: Johanna Beach

Campsites: Johanna Beach GOW or Drive-in Campsites

Nearest food: Lavers Hill

4-5 Hours Walking
12.4km Aire River to Johanna Beach

Aire River to Johanna Beach

Johanna beach


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