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Seven purpose-built Great Ocean Walk hike-in campsites are located at manageable intervals for multi-day walking along the Great Ocean Walk. Each campsite has eight individual camp ‘pads’ set into the surrounding bushland. Each camp pad has room for a 2-3 person tent. There is a maximum number of 12 people allowed per hiking party, booking no more than four hike-in campsites at each location. Registration fees apply at these campsites and hikers must book at least two weeks in advance.

Overnight hikers must register their walking and camping intentions. Registration assists in the adoption of minimal impact bushwalking practices, improves your walking experience and maintains the area’s remote qualities. 

The Campsites – East to West

1) Elliot Ridge – Apollo Bay Visitor Centre to Elliot Ridge 10.3km (3hr 30 min) Medium
2) Blanket Bay – Elliot Ridge Campsite to Blanket Bay 12km 4hr 30 min Easy
3) Cape Otway – Blanket Bay Campsite to Cape Otway 10.5km 3hr 45 min Easy/Medium
4) Aire River – Cape Otway Campsite to Aire River 10km 3hr 15 min Medium
5) Johanna Beach – Aire River Campsite to Johanna Beach 14km 5hr 15 min Medium
6) Ryans Den – Johanna Beach Campsite to Ryans Den 14km 5hr Medium/Hard
6) Devils Kitchen – Ryans Den Campsite to Devils Kitchen 13km 5hr 15 min Medium/Hard
7) Twelve Apostles – Devils Kitchen Campsite to Twelve Apostles 16km 5hr 15 min Easy/Medium

* Note that these times reflect a walking pace of around approximately 3 km per hour.
** Distances have been rounded UP to nearest half kilometre.
The Great Ocean Walk hike-in campsites at Elliot Ridge, Blanket Bay, Cape Otway, Aire River and Johanna Beach also have dedicated group areas. These are larger and more open sites catering for groups up to a maximum of 16 people, with enough room for 8 x 2-3 person tents. Registration fees apply at these campsites and hikers must book at least two weeks in advance. 


Get a camping permit before at least 2 weeks prior to when you set out, and plan your overnight stop (a limit of one night at each hike-in campsite unless otherwise approved by Parks Victoria) at secluded Great Ocean Walk sites. If all individual tent sites are taken, adjoining group sites at at Elliot Ridge, Blanket Bay and Cape Otway can be booked subject to availability.

Fees start from $32.90 per tent per night.  A 7 night walk with one tent would cost $230.30.  As fees are due to change you need to check with parks Victoria  website for the latest prices- this allows Parks Victoria to manage this popular hiking experience and provide adequate and safe facilities along the route. Overnight hikes must move in an east-west direction to maximise tent site availability. The walk is also best walked in this direction to maximise views, and this generally provides the best gradient to walk track sections.


 Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions. Once payment is received Parks Victoria will book your sites and send you a confirmation letter and receipt of payment. Hikers are required to take the confirmation letter with them when they walk to confirm designated tent sites.


There are five drive-in campsites: Blanket Bay, Parker Hill, Aire River East and West, and Johanna Beach. These sites have minimal facilities and are aimed at visitors camping in proximity to their vehicles. Registration fees do not apply at these sites (except Blanket Bay during Christmas and Easter). Car-based camping is not available in the Great Otway National Park west of Johanna Beach. Hikers are required to use the dedicated hike-in campsites for the Great Ocean Walk (Bookings and fees are applicable).

At the Princetown recreation reserve you can camp with your vehicle and access the Great Ocean Walk which runs right past the campsite. To make a booking at the reserve call  Mick Johnson on 0429985176


Drive-in sites for car-based camping are located at Blanket Bay, Parker Hill, Aire River East and West, and Johanna Beach. Facilities vary depending on the site. Registration fees do not apply (except Blanket Bay during Christmas and Easter). Parker Hill, Aire River and Johanna Beach drive-in campsites cater for larger groups in more open, grassy settings. Fires may only be lit in designated fireplaces at Blanket Bay and Aire River East. No fires/flames to be lit on days of Total Fire Ban.


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