Great Ocean Walk | Johanna Beach to Ryan's Den

Johanna Beach to Ryan's Den

"what a stunning day, such diversity"

Trip Notes Johanna Beach to Ryan's Den.

The walk from Johanna Beach to Ryans Den cuts through alternates between farmland and the isolated beach and sea cliffs of Milanesia, then roller coasters up and down the coast to reach Ryan’s Den. From Johanna Beach the track rises through rolling hills and farmland as it cuts inland before returning to the coast and one of the walk’s highlights: Milanesia Beach. Expect to see Eastern Grey Kangaroo in the grassy valleys out from Johanna Beach.

Isolated, rugged and hidden, Milanesia Beach receives few visitors and is all the more special for it. Look for the “beachcomber’s cottage” when you reach the beach.

From here the trail continues along the high sea cliffs to Ryans Den with breathtaking views all the way back to Cape Otway, and west to Cape Volley.

Difficulty: wildest and most challenging section of the entire track.

Walking distance: 14.2km (4-6hrs walking)

Campsite: Ryans Den GOW Campsite

4-6 Hours Walking
14.2km Johanna Beach to Ryan's Den

Day 5 


Great Ocean Walk - Milanesia Beach 



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