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Our Great Ocean Walks are Eco-Certified

About RAW Travel

What is RAW Travel anyway?

RAW Travel is an unusual name for a travel company but it was chosen for more reasons than being an acronym for Ride And Walk!
RAW encompasses how we like to encounter the world; real, unprocessed and vibrant. And most often the best way to do that is on foot or on a bike, travelling as the locals do in many of the destinations that we visit. We run more small groups on the Great Ocean walk than anyone else and elsewhere we’ve got trips for complete beginners right through to demanding walks that will satisfy and thrill veteran walkers.

Who we are

RAW Travel is an independently owned, family business that prides itself on providing a very personal and friendly service to it’s customers. At RAW we love to create inspiring journeys that offer genuine interaction with the people and benefits for the cultures and places we visit. That’s why we believe travelling by foot or bike offers opportunities that vehicle bound travel can’t.




Our experience.

We’re a specialist company and we’ve been operating trips and tours on the Great Ocean Walk since 2007 so we are one of the most experienced operators you can choose. We enjoy providing a friendly, personal service where you’re treated as an individual (no call centres here!). Being specialists allows us to deliver you a level of care and experience that comes from being focused. We pride ourselves on our Staff’s intimate knowledge of the Great Ocean Walk ( some were born here and many live here). So we really do “know because we go” and create walks that show you the best of the area.We are the only company to employ Local experts who come and join you on your walks.

With 16 years experience of operating active adventure trips we’ve earned a solid reputation for delivering exceptional trips around the world – and as a result we’re proud to have some of Australia’s biggest companies and charities as long term clients of our adventure trips.
Our Clients

Great Ocean Road Walk

Keeping it Local

Minimizing the environmental impact from the way we travel, the places we visit and the cultures we experience, is an absolute priority in everything we do. It’s that simple.In today’s world travelling lightly is no longer just an admirable sentiment but a necessity. We always look for ways to improve our impact on the ground by monitoring our group’s environmental and cultural impacts. We have achieved advanced eco-certification on our Great Ocean Walk ( Great Ocean Road Walk ) and are committed to ensuring the benefits of the walk are distributed to the people of the region – many of our staff are locals from the area and supplies are bought there.

Over the past 8 years the adventures we have organized around the world have helped raise over $A17 million in funds for a range of charities here in Australia and overseas. So, rest assured, your travel with us will leave a positive, lasting impact on you and the places you visit!

The promise: Something we’d like to say before you pay.

We won’t cut corners or ever compromise the quality of your trip. We don’t want to run hundreds of trips every year – because the quality of your experience is much more important than quantity to us. We’re still small enough to care about our travellers as individuals and we want to stay that way!We know that nowadays people desire a certain level of comfort along with their adventure, so great accommodation and delicious local food is a hallmark of our Great Ocean Walk trips. RAW operates its own adventures so we can keep tight control over the quality of our trips. We take notice of the feedback you give us and your opinions do matter.

As a company that deals direct with it’s customers we avoid the overheads associated with large tour operators. We charge fair prices but still provide experienced leaders who are great at their jobs, quality accommodation and good value for money.

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