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Walking independently will require carrying all your own gear and sleeping in campsites and public huts. For many people, a group trip allows them to enjoy the tranquility, the beauty and the Great Ocean Walk attractions and make new friends as well. To some people, the camaraderie of a walking group is one of the highlights of their trip

A group trip can also be a private guided trip which will mean that a guide will be responsible for the safety and enjoyment of the group allowing each group member to enjoy the experience. Some of the tracks will take you through wilderness areas with rapidly changing conditions. If you want

Some solo walkers including female walkers also appreciate the feeling of security that comes with a group. Other people crave solitude and the ability to appreciate nature quietly and unobtrusively – not to mention the adventure factor of exploring on your own terms.

If you are travelling alone it’s probably best to have the back up of a self-guided or guided trip. If you choose a self – guided walk then you can choose to have accommodation arranged for you or there are camping grounds along the route.

There is no right or wrong answer here as it’s a personal preference. But there are a number of factors to consider when working out whether a guided / self – guided walk or an independent walk might suit you best.

Here are some frequently asked questions to consider when assessing the best choice for you.

Your past experience & skills
  • How experienced are you with multi-day walks; have you done anything like this before?
  • Do you have first aid knowledge & a first aid kit?
  • Are you comfortable being out in some fairly remote locations?
  • Does the possibility of close encounters with wildlife bother you?
  • Have you got good walking stamina to complete the distances?

If you are going to walk independently and carry your own pack you need to be fitter than if you opt for a guided or self – guided walk of the Great Ocean Walk where your luggage is transferred for you. 

Training with your pack beforehand is essential so you can see how your body copes with the demands of a fully laden pack – practice with the gear you intend to use and don’t forget to add the weight of food and water! 


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