RAW Travel Six Day 100K Great Ocean Walk

This was my 5th organised walking tour (all with various operators) in the past two years and this one was clearly equal to the very best

I had nine wonderful other companions and they made such a really enjoyable social experience as we walked and talked and enjoyed meals together. In additional our leader and guides – Eric, Lee, Mark, and Richard – were such personalities and local experts. Then there were our chefs – Frank and Holly- who cooked beautiful meals at Bimbi Park. Both were personalities also.

The walk itself was great and so varying. The co-ordination between Eric and Lee was amazing as they swapped roles and co-ordinate the days drop off and pickups. It was a lovely surprise each day for Lee to meet us in the middle of each day with coffee or tea, and often chairs.

I thoroughly recommend RAW Travels Great Ocean Walk.

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