RAW Travel 4 Day Great Ocean Walk – Exceptional

When asked to join a 4 day walk to celebrate a 50th birthday Sandra and I said OK, but asked ourselves can we do this, will we really enjoy the experience, Answer Oh yes to both. RAW have a great package certainly helped by mother nature with such beautiful and diverse scenery from beach walks, cliff top rambles hills and valleys, temperate rainforests and more.All could still have been a struggle for are aging knees without the attention to detail, the caring help and personal attention of our guide Eric. His days are long, up before us to prepare breakfast, walking with us all day constantly checking that we are all OK while still setting us a challenge and then preparing our evening meal back at the Light station. At lunch and at the end of each days walk Lee our driver was there ready with a smile, and a joke that brought smiles to our faces and a balm to our joints. The two local experts so different in nature added to the uniqueness of the walk with interesting history and facts, Richard in particular eased us into day three as we walked an ancient Aboriginal path walked by his ancestors and talked to us about the similarities between his people and the new arrivals who came with white settlement. This is a walk for everyone and for those like Sandra and I the experiences culminate with the exhilaration of finishing our first four day walk ever . Thanks so much Eric, Lee, Richard and Mark.

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