Local Shipwreck Expert & Indigenous Guide

Mark Brack’s Shipwreck Tours & Indigenous Guide Richard Collopy


All of RAW travel’s guided tour on the Great Ocean Walk (Great Ocean Road Walk) include an informative talk by Mark Brack and  the 7 day walk includes Indigenous guide Richard Collopy, both of whom grew up in this area and are experts on the local flora, fauna and history, traditions.

Mark Brack is born and bred in the Otways. As the son of the lightkeeper at Cape Otway Lighthouse, Mark was raised by the sea absorbing the stories of lightkeepers, mariners and experiencing the treasures of the coast and hinterland. Mark is a very experienced guide and is able to adapt his presentations to all levels and is especially gifted at inspiring the imaginations of children.
He was featured in the “Art of Walking” video (see below) made by Tourism Victoria as a recognition of his excellent local knowledge and entertaining, imaginative presentations.

The tours are held within the coastal areas of the Great Otway National Park. Mark will arrange to meet you at a location of your choice (all accessible by vehicle). Most tours are conducted around the Cape Otway region and involve beach walks. However, Mark can customise the tour based on the abilities of the participants.

You will be taken to places where stories will be told, that are not accessible to the general public.

Mark combines a great sense of humour with his in-depth knowledge and his tours are always a highlight of people’s time on the Great Ocean Walk.

Indigenous guide Richard Collopy is a wealth of information about how the local flora and fauna have traditionally been used by indigenous Australians.

Mark Brack – Local Shipwreck Expert

  • Mark Brack and walkers
  • Mark Brack and walkers
  • Mark Brack and walkers
  • Mark Brack and walkers

Richard Collopy – INDIGENOUS GUIDE

  • Richard Collopy with walkers
  • Richard Collopy and happy hikers
  • Richard Collopy talking about local flora
Mark Brack on “The Art of Walking”

The video below is taken from Scene 5 of The Art of Walking By Tourism Victoria (The Art Of Walking (Courtesy of www.visitvictoria.com/greatoceanwalk))