Shelly Beach to Parker Inlet
Shelly Beach to Parker Inlet

[ale_one_half]The first section of today’s walk leads away from the coast and into the towering forests of Mountain Ash that characterise this part of the Great Otway National Park. At up to 65m high these are some of the biggest trees in Australia and walking through the heart of the giant forest is a wonderful experience, though there are some hills to be negotiated!

The trail rejoins the coast at Blanket Bay, an isolated stretch of coast that was one of the original ports for unloading supplies for the Cape Otway Lightstation. Blanket Bay is one of the few safe swimming locations along the walk. Click here for more information on Blanket Bay.

The track then meanders along the cliff tops and through coastal forests to the quiet haven of Parker Inlet. Expect to see black wallaby, echidna, black cockatoo, rosella and other wildlife along the way. This section also has one of the best displays of wildflowers in spring.

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Day 2
Walkers in Manna Gum Forests, Cape Otway


Walking distance: 20.5km (6-7hrs walking)

Accommodation: Cape Otway

Campsite: Blanket Bay GOW or Drive-in Campsites, Parker Hill Drive-in Campsite

Nearest food: Cape Otway Lightstation, Apollo Bay


Great Ocean Walk Plants
Mountain Ash

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