• The Apostles
    The Apostles
    The Twelve Apostles is a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park, by the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. Currently there are 8 apostles left but the name remains as does the fame and attraction of this wonderful natural formation.
  • Milanesia Beach
    Milanesia Beach
    Milanesia Beach is located in a bay between Lion Headland and Bowker Point. The beach is backed by steep, forested slopes and Nettle Pass valleys that drains Milanesia into running creeks that sometimes forms a small lagoon behind the beach.
  • Crayfish Bay
    Crayfish Bay
    A beautiful cove on the approach to Cape Otway. A favourite spot for snorkelers in the warmer months due to colourful reefs that fringe the sheltered bay. At the western end of the bay, next to the point, is a second 70 m long beach. On the western side of Crayfish Point is the third small beach, a 50 m strip of protruding sand surrounded by rock platforms and backed by the point.
  • Cape Otway
    Cape Otway
    Cape Otway is part of the Great Otway National Park features rainforest and streams in the Otway Ranges, and extends right down to the coast where a rugged coastline meets with pockets of sandy beaches. One of Cape Otway's most popular attractions is the Cape Otway Lightstation. It began operating in 1848,
  • Wreck Beach
    Wreck Beach
    Over 350 steps descend down to remote and beautiful Wreck Beach, and you will be rewarded with the anchors of the Marie Gabrielle and the Fiji (shipwrecks from the 1880's).
  • Great Ocean Road trip
    Great Ocean Road trip
    Why not take an extended trip along one of the World's great drives while you are coming to the area for your Great Ocean Walk. The walk sits approximately mid way along the main attractions of the Great Ocean Road so it's easily combined with sightseeing of the many other local attractions.
  • Cape Otway Lighthouse
    Cape Otway Lighthouse
    The oldest surviving light-station in mainland Australia, Cape Otway Light-station has been in continuous operation since 1848. Perched on towering sea cliffs where Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean collide.
  • Black Swamp Wallabies
    Black Swamp Wallabies
    Found along numerous areas of the track but most commonly in the Cape Otway forests, you'll see them bounding away from you on the track.
  • Approaching Cape Volney
    Approaching Cape Volney
    Approaching Cape Volney with views back down the coast to Cape Otway, one of the highest points of the walk.
  • Sunset at Gibson's Steps
    Sunset at Gibson's Steps
    Sunset at Gibson's Steps, just before the Twelve Apostles. The best place to see the spectacular rock formations from sea level.
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Your guide to the Great Ocean Walk

The Great Ocean Walk (Great Ocean Road Walk) is Victoria's premier long distance walk, hugging the dramatic coastline between Apollo Bay and the landmark Twelve Apostles near the Great Ocean Road. It offers a great variety of contrasting habitats, historical interest points, wildlife and beautiful remote beaches to explore.

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